Access to Care

Medicare Part C or Medicare Advantage Plans are offered by Private Insurance Carriers under contract to Medicare. Medicare Advantage Plans are often Managed Care Organizations that require the use of in-network providers. Some allow you to go out of network at additional expense to you. We can help you find out if your Doctors and Hospital accept Medicare Advantage.

Co Pays & Benefits

All Medicare Advantage Plans have co-pays or a percentage of cost that you're responsible for with the exception of preventative care where like Part B these are covered at no cost. Most plans offer additional benefits like dental and vision benefits that are not covered under Part B. We can help you know the costs of each plan to help you find out which plan brings you the most advantage.

Compare Rx Costs

You can have only one Medicare prescription drug option in place at anytime. It's important to know how your drugs are covered and how your pharmacy works with the plan before enrolling. Most Medicare Advantage Plans include prescription drug coverage. We can help you compare Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug Plan benefits to aid your overall decision.


Helping you Budget Your Care

Medicare Advantage Plan benefits must be as good as under Original Parts A and B to be approved for offer by Medicare. All plans offer an Annual Medical Out of Pocket Maximum with no limit as to the total amount of care that you receive. Typical costs on a Medicare Advantage Plan include per visit co pays for Primary Care and Specialists and per day co pays in the Hospital. We help you evaluate these offers under the terms of the plan to include your co pays on prescriptions so can budget your care with confidence.

Helping You Keep Your Coverage

Medicare Advantage Plans are approved by Medicare on county by county basis and plan offer and benefits are subject to change on annual basis. If your Medicare Advantage Plan exits your county or you relocate you'll have to change you plan according to the area you move within 60 days.  We're committed to serve you where you live and licensed in many states so you can keep us as your lifelong trusted agent!


Get Current Medicare Advantage Offers...

Everyone enrolled in Medicare Parts A and B is entitled to enroll in a Medicare Advantage Plan offered in their County regardless of their health with the exception having of End Stage Renal Disease. Click on "Get My Offers" see what's in store for you!