Medicare Supplements

As an established Independent Medicare Supplement Agency we proudly offer you the unbiased support of an adviser without a fee and assist you with placing your coverage at the lowest premiums available by law - just as if you went to the carriers direct but with an agent dedicated just to you!

Medicare Advantage Part C

Part C known as Medicare Advantage is an option available to all Medicare Part A and Part B beneficiaries. Part C Plans usually offer Part D prescription drug benefits. We can provide you unbiased advice to help you decide if choosing Medicare Advantage is right for you.

Prescription Plans Part D

Medicare Pharmacy Benefits are provided under Part D unless you choose an all-in-one Part C Medicare Advantage Plan. If you keep Original Medicare you'll need to join a Part D plan to avoid a penalty. We provide unbiased advice and full service agency support to help you with your choice.


Healthcare in Retirement

Setting but not regretting is the goal for everyone when planning for retirement and this holds especially true with Medicare Coverage. You'll have to answer health questions to change your Medicare Supplement Plan after 6 months of enrolling in Medicare Part B. We can help you know your coverage and how much the cost will increase over time to give you peace of mind.

We work how you like!

We are a state of the art general agency with old fashioned values. If you prefer getting information then conveniently calling to help your understanding - we understand! Same goes true for scanning and faxing applications or working over secure online links we've got you covered there too. And if you prefer we still quite often make house calls! We'll work as you like ... always have and always will.

Finish the journey to your solution....

If you're an existing client of ours you know you can always count on our dedication to providing the highest customer service. If you've been referred...welcome! Our doors are always open. Click on "Make a Medicare Request" to let us know how we can help!