Part D Enrollment Eligibility

Medicare Part D Prescription Drug Plans offer pharmacy benefits only and are offered by Private Insurance Carriers under contract to Medicare. You must be eligible for and enrolled in Medicare Part B and/or Part A to be eligible to enroll in a Part D plan. In general you must remain in the plan for the entire calendar year with plan selections occurring during the Annual Election Period starting October 15th and ending on December 7th.  It's important to choose wisely because you're locked into the plan for a year unless you move or under certain financial situations.

Part D Special Enrollment

If you are working towards full social security retirement beyond the age of 65 and are getting health coverage through your employer you will be eligible for a Special Enrollment Period to enroll in Part D coverage lasting 60 days from the date your group coverage is terminated. We can assist you with filing the appropriate information to avoid the lifetime 1% per month late enrollment penalty and the 10% Part B penalty provided your employer can show proof of this creditable coverage. Special Enrollments are just "Special Opportunities" for us to provide you with full service.

Part D Plan Benefits

You can have only one Medicare prescription drug option in place at anytime.  The Standard Part D Plan has a Deductible and Covers at least two drugs for every medical need. After the deductible Part D plans generally cover 75% of the negotiated cost of the drug and you're responsible for 25%. There's no out of pocket maximum but your costs are reduced to 5% after you reach the catastrophic limit. It's important to choose wisely to assure your needs will be met at the pharmacy counter. We'll help you find Part D plans with proven performance and benefits you can count on.


Helping you Budget Your Care

There are often more than 20 Medicare Prescription Drug Plans available to choose from. Until the year 2020 all plans must adhere to a coverage gap provision that is shrinking year by year.  In 2020 the initial coverage provisions of 75% will remain until you reach the catastrophic level. Until then you may find that you need help understanding your costs during the course of the year. We provide a complementary coverage gap analysis for all Part D clients to help budget cost during the course of the year.

Helping You Keep Your Coverage

Medicare Prescription Drug Plans are approved by Medicare on county by county basis and plan offer and benefits are subject to change on annual basis. If you are enrolled in an all in one Part C Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug Plan and you enroll in a Part D plan you will loose your medical coverage so you must choose this coverage wisely and we're here to help you make the right choice.


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